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Orange Box Designs is a Knoxville, TN based Web Design company specializing in creating websites, graphics, and print designs for a wide variety of clientele.

We strive to create websites that are not only functional, but also portray our clients message in an appropriate and meaningful manner. Most of all, we enjoy creating unique web designs that stand out in the crowd, and we pride ourselves in being able to meet our clients needs.

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We are experts in WordPress and Responsive Web Design. We have been configuring & customizing websites based off WordPress before it was even considered a content management system. Responsive Web Design is a standard for all our websites, delivering pixel-perfect sites on all devices. We can build a custom website that you can easily edit on your own, or provide custom managed solutions.


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I am lucky enough to be blessed with a very unique last name, Arensbak, which has led to lots of strange mispronunciations throughout my lifetime! One of the most commonly used has always been, “orange box,” as it sounds very similar. Sitting in a restaurant with my family one night my Father jokingly said I should just name my company Orange Box. The rest is history…



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